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Medical Product Shipments

Since 1998, MedShare has over 1,000 forty-foot containers of medical supplies and equipment to 96 countries. We work with corporations, foreign governments, nonprofit organizations, and individuals who wish to sponsor a shipment to specified healthcare recipients abroad.

The steps to sponsor a 40-foot medical container are:

  1. Secure funding for the $25,000 sponsorship fee.
  2. Complete an online application (en Españolen Français) with details of the receiving hospital.
    You can also download the application (EnglishEspañolFrançais) and submit it via email or fax.
  3. Secure the necessary clearance documents from the government of the destination country confirming that this shipment will be allowing into the country duty-free. This is usually a formal letter from the Ministry of Finance or Treasury, but varies widely by country. 
  4. Once the application is approved, your designated beneficiary completes a needs assessment with our Programs staff.
  5. After being assigned a login and password from MedShare, select supplies to fill the container (typically 1,000 to 1,200 cases of consumable supplies while our biomedical staff prepares a small amount of equipment based on the beneficiaries needs and requests.
  6. After container arrives, the recipient will complete and feedback and send photos of MedShare-donated supplies and equipment and other items that illustrate the shipment’s impact.


"Over the years, the containers from MedShare have supplied us with valuable items we use to care for patients in Nairobi. We are able to provide our low-income patients with a standard of care that would otherwise not be possible."

Dr. Bill Fryda
St. Mary's Mission Hospital in Kenya

Recent Shipments

  • Liberia

    ChildFund International
    Green Foundation
  • Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone Bottling Company Ltd.
    Ebola - Coca Cola Africa Foundation
  • United States

    Gleaning for the World

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